About Suha Musallam



Hi! It's Suha...

Ever since I was a little girl, I admired the creative process. Whether it was in the form of art, design, photography, technology, film, or music… it all excited me.

I’m currently a freelance photographer based in California, but, this wasn’t always the case. After acquiring a bachelors degree in Graphic Design, and years of working in that field, I found that my true passion is photography.

To me, photography is adventure and my favorite part about it is exploring bits and pieces of this beautiful world we live in.

I’m one who likes to grow and learn new skills. Aside from photography and graphic design, I acquired social media marketing, email marketing and video as well, and I'm always willing to pick up more skills to help me succeed in my career and keep the creative juices flowing. 

 Feel free to get in touch and follow along on social media!