MOO | Review

Thanks to MOO, I printed some beautiful high-quality business cards!

This was my first purchase from MOO, but before even starting on designing my business card, I ordered the MOO Business Card Sample Pack that they ship at a free cost so I can see their range of sizes, paper and finishes. I needed to get a feel of their prints first in order to decide which one I wanted to go with. 

This is what came inside their Sample Pack:
10 Business Cards offering a variety of shapes, paper stocks and finishes:

  • Paper stocks – Original, Super, Luxe and Green
  • Sizes – Standard, MOO and Square size with both square and rounded corners
  • Paper finishes – Uncoated, Matte, Soft Touch, and Gloss
  • Design accents – Gold Foil, Spot Gloss, Raised Spot Gloss

I chose the 19pt premium stock, MOO square size card with the Soft Touch finish. 

If you are thinking of printing new business cards too, order yourself a sample pack first and then choose the right one for you!

What makes MOO different from a bunch of other printing companies is Printfinity, a unique technology that allows you to have a different image on every single card in a pack. It’s a great way for creatives like artists, photographers or performers to show off their work. This gave me the opportunity to showcase my photography work - it's like carrying a portfolio with me at all times. I was able to add up to 50 different images to the back of my cards. It felt amazing to actually see some of my work on a printed material, rather than just seeing it on a screen. It's a sweet escape from the digital world.

“MOO makes life a little less virtual”.

MOO also offers different range of products, such as postcards, stickers, flyers, gift cards, letterheads and more! I gotta say other than having beautiful high-quality products, they also carry themselves with outstanding customer service. I had to contact them regarding a small issue I had when I received my cards and they were very quick in responding and making sure they fix any issues as quickly as possible, so I really appreciated that. 

I highly urge you to check out MOO and see all the products they offer. They are currently offering a 30% discount until December 2nd. Click below for the discount!