Skyroam - My Favorite Global Wi-Fi Hotspot
Skyroam 1

Say hello to #SkyroamSolis! I’m super excited for the new upgrade of Skyroam. Whether you’re a traveler, a digital nomad or a freelancer like myself, this global WiFi hotspot is your new best friend!

Being a freelancer where I do the majority of my work online, I constantly need to be connected to WiFi.

Here's what’s cool about the Skyroam Solis:
1) 4g LTE speed
2) Works in over 100 countries
3) 18-hours of WiFi battery life
4) Connects to 5 gadgets at once.
5) Unlimited data! (My favorite part).

The first time I got to use Skyroam was during my trip to Iceland in March and it helped me stay connected at all times. I'm excited that I never have to worry about roaming, limited data, or buying SIM cards from every country I go to.

Use code: suha10 for a discount.